Four Reasons to Choose a Split System Air Conditioner

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Four Reasons to Choose a Split System Air Conditioner

24 February 2023
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Split system air conditioners, as Choice explains, are the most popular type in Australia, and consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected by pipes. As this article explains, they have many advantages that you should consider.

Benefit from Quick, Easy Installation and Maintenance

Split system air conditioner installation is generally quick and easy. Unlike ducted air conditioners, you don't need ductwork throughout your home, which can be disruptive and take a longer time to install. Your engineer will simply need to set up an indoor unit and an outdoor unit and feed through cables and pipes to connect them. Plus, when your air conditioning unit needs maintenance, it'll be easy for them to access either unit and work on them.

Easily Heat Different Zones of Your Home

Another benefit of installing a split system air conditioner is that it allows you to easily cool different parts of your home. This makes it different from some older air conditioners, which can only cool the entire house. With some modern air conditioners, you can even control your air conditioning with a remote or app. Being able to cool certain rooms and not others means you don't waste money or energy cooling rooms that are empty but can focus your home cooling on high-traffic areas of the home.

Save Money on Your Energy Bills

A split system air conditioner will also help you to save money on your bills. This is partly because you can avoid cooling empty rooms. It's also because split system units are ductless, so you aren't losing energy through your ducts, which can happen with old or leaky ducted systems. Plus, if you've just upgraded from an old system to a brand new one, you're likely to find that up-to-date air conditioners are more efficient and cheaper to run.

Enjoy a Quiet Air Conditioner

Finally, a split system air conditioner runs quietly. If you've had a window unit or ducted air conditioner before, you're likely to notice a big difference in sound. This is because the loudest part of your new air conditioner is outside. If you're a light sleeper or are often bothered by air conditioner sounds, a split system is ideal for you.

If you want to benefit from easy maintenance and lower running costs, while cooling your home in a quiet, flexible manner, a split system air conditioner is for you. Speak to an air conditioning company in your area to discuss your options for split system air conditioner installation