Issues You May Have with Evaporative Coolers

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Issues You May Have with Evaporative Coolers

23 March 2022
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If your business has an evaporative cooler, you may not know what to expect when it comes to issues and repairs. There are several issues that can occur with evaporative cooler systems. Here are a few of those issues and what you need to know before you call your repair technician. By understanding these issues, you can better relay to your technician what is happening. 

Water Issues

One of the common issues you may have with your evaporative cooling system deals with water connection and flow. Your system needs proper water flow in order to operate correctly. If you start noticing a rapid breakdown of the system, it may be due to water pressure or connection. If the connection is in place, your contractor may have to check the water pressure or that there is no blockage in the waterline. There may also be leaks in the line or a blockage within the cooler itself. 

Burning Odor

An issue you may have with older units is a burning odor emitting from the system. This issue can be due to several factors. The main factor may be due to a motor being overworked. For example, if a belt or part of the fan operating system begins to break down, it can cause the motors to overwork. When this happens it can cause them to begin to burn out. This burnout leads to a burning odor and eventually can lead to motor breakdown and replacement or to fire. If you are smelling burning odors, contact your technician as soon as possible to determine and assess the situation. 

Fan Operations

You may notice the system working but the fan has stopped. This can be indicated by warm air or no air emitting from the system. In this case, you will need to have the fan housing, belts and the fan motor checked for damage. In most cases, the issue is with a belt or a motor burnout. However, there can be more severe issues that require evaporative cooler repairs. 

These are just a few of the main issues that may happen with your evaporative cooling system. If you feel you are having some of these issues and you need evaporative cooler repair, contact your technician. They can schedule an appointment to assess your system and determine what repairs are necessary. They can also determine if a new system is necessary or if repairs can be made to save the system you currently have. 

For more information on evaporative cooler repairs, contact a professional near you.