5 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

If you're concerned about the effect of your HVAC system on the environment, you're not alone. Learn more about how regular maintenance helps here.

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5 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

20 December 2021
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All air conditioning systems require occasional repairs. From blocked filters to a worn-out fan, many things can go wrong with a home cooling system. Here are a few signs that you need to call an air conditioning repair service sooner rather than later.

1. Insufficient Home Cooling

If your home is always too hot, despite you cranking up the cooling settings, then it is likely that your air conditioning system needs repair. Insufficient cooling can become a serious problem as summer temperatures soar, so try to get this issue addressed as early in the season as possible to keep your family safe from heatstroke and dehydration.

2. High Energy Bills 

If the cost of cooling your home is rising rapidly season after season, then it's possible that your air conditioning has become less efficient due to falling into poor repair. Calling in an HVAC maintenance and repair service to carry out a tune-up could save you money in the long run by restoring the efficiency of the system.

3. Short Cycles

Have you noticed that your air conditioning system starts up, only to shut itself down very soon afterwards, without completing a full cooling cycle? Sometimes called short cycling, this behaviour can indicate that an air conditioning system needs repair. Short cycling is inefficient, resulting in insufficient cooling and energy bills that can spiral out of control. It may be caused by some part of the system overheating, causing a safety critical shutdown. An air conditioning repair service can investigate the short cycling and let you know how it can be fixed.

4. Worrying Noises

Air conditioning systems should make no more noise than a gentle background hum. If your air conditioning system begins to make a banging or grinding noise, then it is time to call a repair service to find out what the problem is. There could be a loose or worn-out part inside your air conditioning system that is leading to the noise.

5. Bad Smells

An air conditioning system should never smell damp, musty, or mouldy. When these smells arise, they indicate that there is too much moisture building up inside the air conditioner, leading to conditions in which microorganisms can flourish. Burning smells are also a cause for concern, as they can indicate a worn-out part or an electrical fault. Whenever your air conditioning system smells strange, then consider calling a local AC repair service.