Is Your Gas Heater Acting Up? 3 Ways You Can Tell That It Needs Repairs

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Is Your Gas Heater Acting Up? 3 Ways You Can Tell That It Needs Repairs

23 August 2021
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Gas heaters can be the difference between a comfortable winter in your home and one of the rough seasons to get through. They are very delicate and need proper and constant maintenance to operate. One of the best ways to avoid the heater breaking down in the middle of the cold season is through regular checks and maintenance. Here are three ways that you can tell when your gas heater needs repairs. 

When the Power Bill Is Unmanageable

Every home has a specific figure that they pay in energy bills every month. The exact amount might fluctuate a little, but it is always within a given range. However, you need to get the heater checked if your gas bill has increased massively in the past few months and you haven't introduced a new appliance. While the utility companies also raise their rates from time to time, the change will not come without prior notice. Unusually high power bills indicate that the heater is running longer hours than it should. The problem comes from the heater running excessively long hours because a part broke and its efficiency has decreased. 

When the Flame on Your Burner Turns Yellow

Another typical indicator that your gas heater has issues and needs repairs is when the pilot flame turns yellow. The flame on the burner should be blue when the system is well-aerated and completely functional. If it turns yellow, it means the combustion process is not getting completed. A yellow flame can be a dangerous warning sign because it could mean your home has carbon monoxide. Note that high levels of carbon monoxide in the home can become a metabolic poison. Contact the HVAC experts to check your gas heater immediately after you notice that the light has turned yellow. 

When the Furnace Makes Unusual Noises

Old gas heaters will make rattling sounds because components aren't as efficient as they used to be. However, another indicator that you are running into problems with your gas heater is when the furnace makes squealing noises. Squealing is a result of issues with the motor bearings. Rattling and banging indicate that the blower assembly and motor need checking. The professional will look at the parts to figure out if they need repairs. 

These are three ways you can tell when your furnace needs some maintenance. Contact industrial gas heater repair services if you're seeing these or other issues. With their help, you will restore the heater to its function.