3 Ways centrifugal fans make your ducted air conditioning system more effective

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3 Ways centrifugal fans make your ducted air conditioning system more effective

30 October 2018
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Whenever you turn on your air conditioning system and enjoy the cool air, you may not realise the complex series of steps that your HVAC system carries out to produce this cool air. Among the many processes involved, you get to enjoy cool air primarily because of the fan. Your AC's fan is the part that draws air into the unit so it can be cooled and channelled back into your home. With a faulty fan, you will often experience poor airflow or no cool air at all.

There are many types of fans used in ducted air conditioning systems, but the most effective option for a ducted air conditioning unit is a centrifugal fan. Centrifugal fans are mechanical devices that circulate air into your AC unit and through your ducts and vents.

Here are 3 ways centrifugal fans make your ducted air conditioning unit more effective.

1. They blow air perpendicularly to the axis of the fan

A ducted system is a useful option for many homes, primarily because a series of ducts and vents can be used to cool the entire home at the same time. But remember that these ducts and vents already have stagnant air in them. So how is your AC capable of moving this air and delivering a fresh supply of cool air on a hot day?

The answer lies with your centrifugal fan. The fan essentially works to overcome the resistance of air within your ducts. When the fan is operational, it uses kinetic force from its circulating blades to propel air from the compressor and through your ducts. And because this air is propelled in a 90-degree direction from the axis of the fan, the fresh supply of air comes with enough velocity to reach your entire home.

2. They have specialised wheels for drawing air into the blower housing

The secret to your centrifugal fan's power lies in its specialized fan wheels. Each type of AC unit comes with customised wheels that are designed to draw enough airflow through the system.

The design of your fan's wheel will determine both the velocity and direction of airflow. For example, a backward inclined wheel typically channels air in the opposite direction for recycling purposes.

3. Fan blades are durable and provide high performance

Most centrifugal fan blades are made of durable materials such as stainless steel and cast aluminium. This makes the blades less prone to damage from debris or contact with other surfaces inside the AC system.

The housing of the fan itself is also made of the same materials, making the entire centrifugal fan assembly durable and capable of achieving high performance levels.