Choosing the Right Style of Commercial Air Conditioner for Your Building

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Choosing the Right Style of Commercial Air Conditioner for Your Building

9 July 2018
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A commercial air conditioner will obviously be very different from a residential air conditioner, as a commercial building is often larger and may house more people at once, so there is more body heat trapped inside that commercial space. There are also many other factors to consider when choosing the style of air conditioner for your commercial building, so note a few of those here. This will help you determine the right air conditioner for your office or other such business.

Advantages of zone cooling

An office may not need zone cooling, as you might keep all areas of an office at a constant temperature. However, zone cooling can be needed if certain areas of the building are often unoccupied so that you can turn off the cooling in that area when it's empty. 

You might also have zone cooling if your business has a space for customers or clients, who might appreciate added cooling and comfort, versus a warehouse or production area, where workers are dressed more comfortably and may be accustomed to working in a warmer environment. A warehouse or production area may also have lots of open doors and windows during certain times of the day, such as for delivery trucks, so you might want to switch off the cooling in that area during this time to save energy.

Split systems

Split systems work as a separate system, on their own, without being connected to a central air conditioning unit. These systems are good for areas of a commercial facility that don't have ductwork, such as a guard shack or exterior storage system. A split system can be more powerful than window or portable systems, while also being easier and more affordable to install than a central system that would then require ducts to be installed in these areas.

Added heating or cooling elements

When choosing the power or cooling capacity of your commercial air conditioner, remember to consider added heating or cooling elements. As said, a building that it always crowded will mean more trapped body heat, and even a small kitchen that is always in use will add heat to the building. Large windows that face the sun also allow more heat into your commercial facility. 

On the other hand, if your building is covered by shade trees, if the building has concrete walls or floors or if you invest in tinted window film, this might keep the interior of the building cooler and more comfortable overall. In turn, you can suffice with a smaller air conditioning unit.

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