Why You Should Switch to a Cool Breeze Air Conditioning Unit

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Why You Should Switch to a Cool Breeze Air Conditioning Unit

9 January 2018
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Each area experiences unique weather conditions. That is why cool breeze air conditioning was developed to specifically address weather conditions in Australia. A cool breeze air conditioning unit is a more effective machine for the home. It is built for superior quality, performance, and durability.

What sets cool breeze air conditioning apart from other regular air conditioners is its ability to filter out contaminated air while increasing the efficiency with which it keeps the home cool and comfortable. Many other units simply increase your electric bill without making the home any cooler or more desirable to stay in. With cool breeze air conditioning, you will experience the true benefits of an effective AC system.

Built for performance

A cool breeze air conditioning unit is designed to have evaporative capabilities. This means that the unit induces evaporation cooling, where water is evaporated to induce a cooling effect in the home (similar to when your body sweats).

By using this innovative technology, the use of cool breeze air conditioning leads to more effective results. These units also use a filtration medium that removes impurities in the air when it is pumped into the home. If you desire superior performance, cool breeze air conditioning is the way to go.

Cost savings

Other AC systems (such as reverse cycle AC systems) often cost twice as much to install as cool breeze systems. In addition, the efficient running mechanism of cool breeze systems can enable you to save as much as 80% on energy costs. This is because cool breeze air conditioning is built for efficiency from top to bottom. A cool breeze AC is adapted specifically for Australian local conditions, making it perfectly suited for its environment.

Improving indoor air quality

In addition to providing cool air, cool breeze systems also filter the indoor air and remove allergens, mold spores, and humidity. They are equipped with an automatic cleaning cycle system that exhausts contaminated air from the home and replaces it with a clean and fresh supply.

If you find yourself regularly coughing, wheezing or feeling uncomfortable in your house, it is time to consider cool breeze air conditioning.

Reducing maintenance costs

Cool breeze units come with an automated cleaning cycle capability, along with an automatic weather seal that caters to all 4 seasons. These features make cool breeze units avoid the need for maintenance after every change in season, thus reducing maintenance costs. They are always ready to go after months of winter without experiencing maintenance issues.