Staying Cool in the Summer without Damaging the Environment

If you're concerned about the effect of your HVAC system on the environment, you're not alone. Learn more about how regular maintenance helps here.

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Green Comfort: How HVAC Contractors Help With Energy Efficiency

Good day. My name is Darryl and I work as a government researcher for the energy sector. I prepare reports which suggest ways that energy can be conserved and made cheaper. One area that is particularly under the spotlight is the effect of heating, ventilation and cooling systems on the environment. Whilst preparing my latest research report, I have been amazed by the energy efficiency that can be gained by installing the right HVAC systems. I even contacted professional HVAC contractors to upgrade, maintain and repair the systems in my own home because I learnt that older systems can use more energy without regular checks. I'm sure that there are others like me who aren't aware of the importance of choosing the right HVAC system. I hope to share a little of what I have learnt in my blog and help spread awareness. Thank you for your time.


Staying Cool in the Summer without Damaging the Environment

16 December 2015
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Air conditioners are well loved, used in hundreds of millions of homes and make those hot and humid climates just a bit more bearable. But despite numerous technological advancements, some homes are still cooled by inefficient or overzealous machines that waste both energy and money. While cooling entire homes can cost upwards of $400, updating old HVAC systems or simply checking to see if your air conditioning can be used more sustainably can cut costs throughout the year. It is also a good idea to invest in regular maintenance, and ensure your system was properly installed.

Changing the Air Filter

It is important for homeowners to check the filter on their system on a monthly basis, especially during the extreme warm or cold temperatures in the middle of summer and winter. The variation in available systems means you might need to do a bit of research or locate your owner's manual to find the filter, but the debris that collects on worn filters can easily cause the system to require maintenance or even fail. It will also make your air conditioner work even harder to cool the same area. Wasted energy can be a burden on not only your monthly bill, but to the environment as well. 

Sealing Ducts

Most homes have the large HVAC system itself in the basement or a storage room, but it is the pipes and ducts that carry the cooled air around the home that can cause potential problems. Leaking ducts can decrease the efficiency of your home by at least 20 percent by allowing air to escape outside or in areas that are already effectively cooled.

The most important ducts to focus on are located in the attic, crawlspace and basement of your home as they are most prone to damage and deterioration. Either a sealant or tape is appropriate for the job, but most professionals recommend using a heavy-duty sealant, followed by wrapping the duct in question with insulation.

Solar Air Conditioners

While one of the most drastic changes you can undertake, you might want to consider investing in a solar air conditioner. While a high upfront cost might be a deterrent, you must keep in mind the future savings allowed by having an air conditioner not connected to your utility costs. Most HVAC systems are currently operated through the power garnered by burning coal, so imagine the decrease in fossil fuels you are causing by harnessing solar rays instead.